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March 30, 2018

Whether you are an owner of a supermarket or a convenience store, the first and foremost thing you as a business owner have to realize is the importance of effective space utilization without compromising on the luxuries that can be offered to enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

Unlike an online business where the virtual store helps e-shoppers to find the required product just by a click of a button, the brick and mortar business needs to ensure that all merchandizes required by the customers in the locality are to be displayed within the limited space available.

Hence the basic principle in running a retail store profitably is to effectively utilize every inch of available space. The higher the number of products that are effectively displayed the higher the customer satisfaction because instead of stopping by at multiple stores, the customer will effectively complete his/her shopping in a single store. In short, “Maximizing the floor space leads to increased sales which in turn mean increased revenue”. This is possible only with the right kind of display store fixtures and a proper store layout within the available space.

To understand the importance of corner racks; let’s reason the usage and utility of a corner rack from the point of increased sales potential.

Most store fixture suppliers offer regular type of wall racks even at the corner spaces which leads to under-utilization of corner spaces or supply inappropriate corner fixtures leading to mediocre utilization of space. The end result of these not so perfect fixtures at the store corners is that business owners either tend to leave the corner spaces empty or end up stacking all unnecessary products at corners. Thus the store loses its appeal and it fails to effectively use its product display space. As the appeal of the store is lost it not only fails to bring in new customers but also fails to retain its regular customers. Ultimately, business owners end up with unsold inventories which were stored at the corners of their store thereby leading to direct cash loss/ revenue loss. In order to effectively utilize such corner spaces for displaying merchandises, you must ideally go for a well-designed  corner racks.

Stand out Feature of a Corner Rack 

  • Distinguish and Sell More: If you plan to promote a particular brand/merchandize, then the corners of the store are the right place for you. The fact that corner racks stand apart from the continuous bays of wall racks, means that customers notice the merchandizes on corner racks more often and effective than those which are placed on a well designed wall rack. This added feature helps them to draw the attention of shoppers which increases the probability of sale. 

About the Author 

“Madhuusoodhana has a rich experience in designing and developing innovative retail store fixtures with a prime focus on improving supermarket and convenience store shopping experience. His close association with leading retail business owners pan India has helped him to conceptualize ideas to overcome the intricacies faced in displaying products. His experience in store fixture industry adds to his advantage to provide pragmatic solutions which are easy to adapt in almost all the retail environments.

March 30, 2018

Retail store fixtures provide an efficient & attractive way of displaying products in a retail store. It enhances the presentation of the store by giving it a classy look. It gives the advantage to utilize the store space available in the best possible way. Shelving installation makes the products easy to locate and access, thereby enhancing the purchase rate. Most of the customers will not stick to their buying list if products are easy to get hold onto. It not only increases the business but also makes the store organized.

Presentation of the product speaks for itself. In the internet era, the customer would come up to a store for purchasing products if it is appealing and made quite interesting. Retail store fixtures  are available in various designs and can be used to make the store look more presentable. It develops a good image of the retailer in the market. Shelving should be flexible so that it becomes easier to organize – storage and retrieval.

In order to attract customers to a store it becomes necessary to install eye catching display shelves. It solves the purpose of bulk storage of items as well as enhances the sale. A good retail shelving facilitates the options to adapt to the purchasing behavior of a customer. It has to be adaptable according to the store requirements especially when it come to effective space utilization and effective merchandizing. The store shelf determines the outcome of the product displayed. The appearance of the stored products is vital for the retail store. It creates an environment to buy the desirable items in a comfortably accessible scenario.

A plethora of retail store fixtures are available in the market based on applications such as Slatwall racks – most commonly used in Apparel stores, Footwear Stores with wide models of hooks and shelves suiting slat walls, Peg board racks aka Perforated racks used commonly where the application demands hanging of products, Dimple Panel Racks for heavy duty hanging application like tools & hardware stores, simple Plain paneled racks for general purpose like grocery stores, supermarkets & convenience stores, Heavyduty supermarket racks for storing rice bags, oil cans & watercans. Power wings for promotions, Cross bar racks for heavy items of home appliance stores & special purpose hanging, 2-way, 4-way, 8-way browsers specially designed for Apparels. These retail display fixture designed exclusively for every retail segment in the retail industry makes an impact on the customer driving them to buy the merchandizes displayed on the fixtures. The customers can browse many products at a glance if appropriate display fixtures are selected & installed.

Hence, retail store fixtures owe an utmost importance in a retail store. Not only the design but also the color theme works wonders to attract customers. Rows of shelves are used to display products. The type of retail store fixture purchased depends on the application & store space available & the display requirements of retail owner. With a strategic plan, the appropriate retail store fixtures can be bought and the benefits can thence be reaped!



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